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Shop Closed November 3rd Through The 5th

We will be closed from November 3rd to the 5th for product training to better serve our cycling community.  We will resume regular business hours on Thursday, November 6th.  10am - 7pm

If you have any questions feel free to stop by or give us a call at 307-637-0020

Today's Tip

Follow A Pre-Ride Checklist To increase Enjoyment, Reduce Problems - Begin by holding up one end of your bike, then the other, slowly spinning your tires to check for damage, excessive wear or a wobbly rim that rubs against the brake pads. Spin the pedals backwards and watch the chain as it winds through the rear derailleur cage. Is it rolling smoothly or does it kink up? Check your tire pressure with a gauge and add or decrease pressure for the ride you're about to do. Squeeze your brakes and watch the brake pads in front and rear. Is the operation equal and smooth or is one side moving more than the other? Look closely at the brake pads to inspect for signs of excessive wear or glazing. Finally, check that your handlebar, stem, seatpost and wheel quick-release levers are snug. Do you have the water, food, tools and personal items you need? Grab your helmet and have a great ride.

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